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What Is Compliance Packaging?

If you’re someone that struggles with keeping track of your different medications, when you need to take them, and what dosages you need, then Compliance Packaging could be your solution.

At Stittsville Whole Health Pharmacy, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly medication packages that places your various medications into individual compartments that are organized by your needed dosage. This takes all of the confusion out of when you need to take your medication and how much of each medication you need. It is all preorganized for you! So, all you need to do is open up one compartment, take the medication inside, and you’re done.

How It Works

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Once your appointment is booked, make sure you bring a caregiver or POA to consent to the Compliance Packaging.

We'll take care of the rest

After that, we take over the management of supplying the medications in the packs. We also stay in close contact with your physician so any changes or concerns can be addressed right away.

Your Community Pharmacist

Free Delivery

Located in the suburb of Stittsville? We can offer you free delivery!

No Additional Costs

There is no additional cost to prepare compliance packs.

Weekly Packs

Packs are prepared as either 2 weekly or 4 weekly packs in specialized compliance packaging.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“We have been working with Scottie’s for 3 years now! Their service and professionalism are above and beyond other companies we have worked with in the past. I highly recommend them!”

Steve Hicks

General Manager

“If you are like me and are chemically sensitive, you can appreciate when I say…..aaahh…..finally. Zero smell.”

Jasper Friden

“I have had no problems so far. I trust Scotties to clean our entire home. Expect the best when dealing with them.”

William M.

Think Compliance Packaging Is Right For You?

No more fumbling with different bottles of medication or cutting pills in half.

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