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Why Travel Vaccinations Are Important

Imagine your dream vacation. You’ve saved for months, maybe even years. You’ve taken the time to plan. You’ve prepared everything you need to make sure it’s the trip of a lifetime. You’ve thought of everything, except your travel immunizations.

Now imagine you’re at your dream destination but you’re sick in bed for almost the whole trip. Maybe you’ve been taken to the local hospital. Or, maybe you’ve even had to be flown home! Your trip is ruined and all because you didn’t get the proper immunizations.

Travel vaccinations drastically decrease your risk of getting sick while abroad. So, why not take the extra step to make sure that the trip you’ve spent so much time planning and saving for, actually lives up to your expectations!

Don’t Forget Your Passport Photos

This is a great opportunity to get two things done in one trip! Get your passport photos done while you’re waiting for your prescription. It’s really quick and easy!

What Our Clients Have To Say

“We have been working with Scottie’s for 3 years now! Their service and professionalism are above and beyond other companies we have worked with in the past. I highly recommend them!” Steve Hicks

General Manager

“If you are like me and are chemically sensitive, you can appreciate when I say…..aaahh…..finally. Zero smell.” Jasper Friden

“I have had no problems so far. I trust Scotties to clean our entire home. Expect the best when dealing with them.” William M.

Avoid Getting Sick On Your Travels!

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Not sure what you need? Take this quick online assessment to find out.
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